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Before you do anything else online it’s important to change your hosting account to faster more secure hosting, get a website that’s not just pretty, but helps you rank well on Google, and start a monthly Internet Marketing strategy to attract new customers. Once you have those basics in place you can look at reputation management, online listings, texting strategies, social media management and more.

Website Design

Your website is the face of your company these days. You need a site that attracts and egages customers. It is on your website that they learn about your products or services. This is how you tell the world what you do. It is also how you connect customers to your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is how you get found online. SEO is both visible and behind the scenes activities that usher potential customers to see your website. Put another way, this is how you find new customers. This needs to be cost effective, because finding new customers should be something you do monthly. It should also be trackable.

Premium Hosting

We’re so excited to be offering faster more secure hosting to our clients. Hosting is a yearly cost that’s realtively inexpensive. But paying for a little bit higher quality here will make your website run faster and smoother, give it an edge to be more beautiful and enaging, and make it more secure against hackers.

Pay Per Click

First make sure you have the above three products in your internet marketing portfolio. Then, when you’re ready, Pay Per Click is an excellent way to get your brand out into the world, track your results, and get more customers.

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It’s well known that the best way to attract customers online is SEO. That is our specialty. Let us help you get started. From the start you’ll appreciate our generostity and professionalism. We’d like to start you with a free, premium web audit of how your company is doing today.

Checklist for SEO Success


Know what goals your websit should help fulfill and how it can achieve those goals.


Guide us to create a Beutiful Website that's just how you want it. We'll also make sure that it is responsive, meaning mobile and tablet ready. The beauty of the images and story should attract new customers.


Beauty is only the beginning. We'll fully test the website. We'll install it on our premium, secure servers, we'll change SEO and Security settings. Finally we'll optimize the site for SEO and to ensure your goals are being met.


Not everyone will choose to get regular maintenance on your site. And maitenance can come in many forms. Some of the maitenance is automated. For example you'll receive free security updates. Others will involve writing regular blogs as a part of a broader SEO strategy.

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