3 Reasons Why You Need Dedicated Hosting

Are you launching a new website? Much like most new site owners, you’re most probably considering choosing shared web hosting. This makes sense. Most website owners start with shared hosting because it’s affordable and it allows them to create websites quickly and easily. However, when the business starts to expand, for example, you start dealing with a rise in traffic or anticipate growth in the future, it’s usually vital to consider upgrading to something more substantial. 

In such scenarios, dedicated hosting makes a perfect suit. Dedicated hosting simply means that your website has a server to itself. As you’re not sharing your server with anyone else, you can expect:

More support and security

With dedicated hosting, access to premium technical support is fast. Whether it’s changing a server’s setting, getting help with a troubleshoot problem or managing anything else that supports your website, help is always readily available. 

Investing in dedicated web hosting services also ensures that you’re in complete control of your site’s security. It allows you to implement your own higher levels of security. You can even install your application to operate on the server. All this adds a level of protection to your proprietary business and customer data. 

More control over your server

Another reason to choose dedicated hosting is that it gives you full responsibility for how you use your server. Yes, if you’re an advanced web developer or those with specific requirements, dedicated hosting may be an enticing option for you. Why is that? It’s easy to choose the server software you want. On top of that, you can install your OS and adjust hardware specifications.

Faster page loading

With shared hosting, you share server space with other sites, only to pay the price with slow website speeds. These slow pages usually lead to high bounce rates and low engagement metrics. If you want your website’s reliability to increase, choose a dedicated server instead. Opting for a dedicated server ensures that you’re the only one using the resources, thus ensuring that you have the bandwidth needed for maximum uptime on your website.

If your business is having difficulty keeping up with the increase in traffic, then a dedicated server is what you need. It helps the business website perform at its optimum, making it easier for your business to thrive as well as gain more customers. For a profitable website experience, ensure to invest in dedicated servers.

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