Stronger Security, Faster Load Time, and Successful Neighbors

Still hosting your website on one of those shared hosting accounts? Did you know Google search engine results come down to a popularity vote? Hosting with those cheap shared hosting sites hurts your search engine rankings. Better neighbors mean more popularity with search engines. Think of it like living in a ghetto on the internet. Scottsdale neighbors know the value of surrounding yourself with successful people. Our dedicated servers provide premium speed, enhanced security, and less down time. Serve yourself and your customers with premium internet real estate.

Dedicated servers mean there’s an actual room housing just our client’s sites. It means faster load time, better neighbors, and heightened security. This all translates into better website rankings which leads to more sales.


A premium dedicated server means your site will load faster and have higher security. It also means close to no down time.


We use Amazon S3 for weekly backups. This allows for instant retrieval and preserved data.


Simply put, WordPress is the best platform for internet marketing. But to keep it running smoothly, you need automatic updates to the themes and plugins of your site. Our servers proactively excel here.

No Bad Neighbors

Most businesses have no idea what other websites are hosted on their shared server. We accept absolutely no adult sites or pharma sites which are known to lower website ranking.