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Why Your Beautiful Website Isn’t Getting Visitors

Finally, your website is complete. Yes, what looked like an insurmountable mission is now a reality. Now what’s remaining is getting the phone ringing off the hook and your inbox overflowing with new leads. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Unfortunately, your website traffic numbers seem to say otherwise. What could be the problem?

Most website owners go through the same dilemma after they’ve launched their websites. Usually, they assume that after launching a site, leads will automatically follow through. On the contrary, launching a website is just the start of things. You also need to implement a marketing strategy and have an excellent design to get visitors coming back to your site.

If you’re experiencing such problems with your website, here are 3 things you’re probably doing wrong to drive away traffic from your site:

Writing whack content

As much as blogging is time-consuming, it’s the greatest way to hijack visitors and redirect them to your site. If you have been writing mediocre blog posts, no one will stop to go through your content. So instead, try writing high-quality posts. Write something people want to read, back up your data with proof and keep sentences short. This works for brand awareness, SEO and industry authority. 

Not promoting your content

Most of the time, website owners focus more on blogging, they forget to promote their content. Promotion is essential. Without it, most of your visitors will leave and never come back. So what do you do?  You probably have customers already and have been collecting contacts to let your evangelist know about your deals and new offers. Using this list, send your audience valuable content about your business and urge them to visit your updated website through the mail. This starts a dialogue with them, as well as gives them a stake and buy-in into your business growth. 

Your website offers a horrible user-experience

Maybe your site has slow loading times or your site isn’t mobile responsive. Whatever it is, your customers won’t return if they realize your site isn’t user-friendly. To avoid this, make sure your site takes less than three seconds to load. Keep your site free from menacing pop-ups and have well-designed blogs that allow visitors to read easily.

Driving traffic to your website every day isn’t easy. However, with an excellent marketing strategy and a bit of hard work you can get there. That said, ensure to follow these tips and don’t hold back from inquiring from experts when you need help.